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Rdeči čili

Nekega lepega zimskega dne smo dobili povabilo za sodelovanje v oddaji Klepet ob kavi. Zakaj pa ne??? Upam, da boste uživali ob ogledu in da bo tale [...]

Carrot cake

I had my first carrot cake on my London trip around 5 years ago. I didn't like it very much because it was too sweet and really didn't taste of anythi[...]

Tofu nuggets

I really am not a tofu fan. I usually call it toFUJ. In Slovenian FUJ means Yuk :D ... Tofu doesn't have a special taste, so you can use it for sal[...]

Buckwheat curry

In Slovenia, we usually prepare buckwheat with mushrooms. I have had my first buckwheat late in my life. My mother in law made it for me for the first[...]